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Fox Run Art Press is pleased to announce the publication of Royal Gorge, Photography by Eve Nagode
64 pages, 83 photographs, hard cover, 10” wide x 8” high


From spectacular night skies to panoramic pictures, this book is a stunning celebration of our unique treasure, the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. Eve Nagode goes beyond the usual images and shows a fresh perspective including the reconstruction of the Park after the Royal Gorge Fire of 2013. The book has incredibly beautiful and fascinating photos on every page. For anyone interested in the Park, this keepsake photo book is a “must have.” - Mike Bandera, Royal Gorge Bridge & Park General Manager

The Royal Gorge is one of Colorado’s most spectacular attractions and Eve Nagode measures up to the challenge of capturing its splendor with stunning photographs. More than just a collection of scenic views, the photographer/author also reveals man’s imprint on the landscape and the effects of the devastating fire in 2013 that etched another chapter in a geologic saga. This book will be a standout on coffee tables and book shelves anywhere in the world. - Jim Havey, Havey Productions

A stunning book of images of the Royal Gorge in Colorado. I met up with Eve Nagode at the Royal Gorge in 2015 and I know that she has a real passion for this place that comes through in her beautiful photographs. Through her dedication and commitment to the park she has gained unique access to locations and at times that most visitors cannot achieve so her images are a unique reflection of the many moods of the park at different times of the day & year. A must for anyone who has visited the Royal Gorge or for anyone interested in landscape photography who want to see the benefits of a long term commitment to a photographic project. - Steve Gosling, Steve Gosling Photography


- First Place (Coffee Table Books) in 2015 Colorado Independent Book Publishers EVVY Awards
- Honorable Mention (Cover Design) in 2015 Colorado Independent Book Publishers EVVY Awards
- Honorable Mention, Photographic Society of America Print Division Book Essay Contest


PSA Journal, July 2016, Interview with Eve Nagode
This article is reproduced with permission from the July, 2016 issue of the PSA Journal, the official magazine of the Photographic Society of America, Inc. (PSA). For information on PSA membership, please contact PSA Headquarters, 8241 S. Walker Ave., Suite 104, Oklahoma City, OK 73139, [email protected].

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